How to use the Event Schedule

How to use the Decklist Search

How to use the Event Schedule

1.Search for Tournament

At the TOP page, we have a list of the store, month and date. You can change the Store list and the month by clicking the tab on the upper part and scroll down to the date that you are looking for or just click the date on the calendar.
If you would like to have a detailed search, please click the detailed search on the upper part of the page. How to use the detailed search will be guided below in the detailed search section.
About pre-registration, please look at the Pre-Registration section down below.

2.Detailed Search

At detailed search, you can search tournaments with keywords, or with narrowing tournaments with formats etc.
Type in or click the tournament information you would like to search and click the search button for results.

3.Pre-Register Tournament

Please access the exclusive tournament pages to Pre-register for events.
To find your tournament that you would like to enter, please use detailed search or find it on the TOP page.
After accessing the exclusive tournament page, click the register button to proceed with your pre-register.
Choose the payment method and confirm the information you have entered has no mistakes. If you proceed, your pre-registration is complete. Your pre-registered tournament can be found on your My Page in your Pre-Registered Events.
If you have registered an event requiring your deck list, you can use the online decklist registration.
To find how to use the online decklist registration will be guided below in the online decklist registration section.

4.Pre-Registered Tournament List

You can find what tournament you have registered on the Pre-Registered Tournament List.
Find this in the Event My Page.
If the tournament requires your decklist, you can register by clicking the Register Decklist button to proceed registration.

Your status after pre-registering an event may show as “Proceeding Payment”. This status may show when payment procedure has been interrupted or suspended for any reason. Please see if the status shows the same after 30 minutes and when the status has changed, please try your pre-registration again. If the status shows the same after an hour, please contact us through our inquiry page.

5.Online Decklist Registration

5.1 To Register Your Decklist Online

Online Decklist Registration can be registered from your Event My Page "Tournament Decklist Registration" or by registering by clicking the Decklist Registration button. After you have agreed to our online decklist registration agreements, please proceed to register the decklist registration.
When you register your deck, you will need your DCI number.
If you have not registered your DCI number, please go to the Event My Page and register your DCI number by clicking the Change Membership Information.
If you have not made a Wizards account or if you have forgotten your DCI number, please go to their website. →Create Your Wizards Account

5.2 How to Use Decklist Registration

From the search form, type in a part of the name of the card and will give you the list of options.
Click the card you have in your decklist.
Please choose where to list your entered card in mainboard or sideboard.
Click the number of cards you have in your deck and should be added to your list. If you are registering more than 4 copies of the same card such as basic lands etc., please enter the number you have in your deck inside the red lined box.

The decklist part can be fixed directly. You can copy and paste from your memo.
(Note: Make sure to divide the main and sideboard and please enter using the correct method.)

When you are finished entering your decklist, click the Register button to complete this process.
If the message complete appears on your screen, please confirm the list if there are no mistakes.
If there was an error with the number of cards in your decklist, a message will show to notify you. Please double check your decklist if so.

6.Confirming Your Decklist

You can confirm your decklist at the Tournament Deck Register page.
Until the period of time ends for registering your decklist, you may edit your decklist as much as you want.

7.Credit Card Payment

The following credit cards can be used.

*There is no surcharge for Credit card purchases.

*Installment payments not possible.

*Installment payment not possible.

*Purchases made with Credit card will yield 1% store credit.

*Debit made on the card will show up as "Hareruya".


If you find any errors on our website or would like to send an inquiry, please contact us by clicking the inquiry page on the Event My Page.
Fill in the information and make sure that you have no mistake and click Send to send your inquiry.
You can confirm what inquiry you have sent to at the inquiry history.
For inquiry history, please proceed to your Event My Page.

How to use the Decklist Search

1.How to use

You are able to access over 150,000 decklists from worldwide.

1.Please select a format to search.

2.If you are looking for past standard formats or block construction, please select Formats in Chronological Order.

3.If you are looking for a specific archetype, please click Select an Archetype. On the next page, you can select the format or colors to search the architype.

4.You can narrow the deck type by tournaments entering the date or the period of time.

5.You can narrow the list by searching by the player name.

6. You can narrow the list by searching with a specific card name.

7. You can narrow your list by searching with a specific event name.

2.Incorrect Decklist

If the listed decklist has mistakes, please send us the following information to this address,

・URL of the decklist
・Details of the mistake(Example: Underground Sea is written as Underground River)

3.About publishing and not publishing Decklists

We follow these terms when publishing your Decklist.

・Non-publishing decklists are accepted at Weekday and Weekend Tournaments (Example: 5 PM and 8 PM Hareruya Cup). If you would not like your decklist to be published, please request this when submitting your decklist.

・Events such as God of XFormat, The Last Sun, and qualifier events, whether the tournament is competitive or casual level, we do not accept non-publishing decklists. Your decklist may be used in our articles, decklist search and on our social media services.

・If you are attending an event that a Grand Prix that will be held inside Japan, a Pro Tour, or an upcoming World Magic Cup qualifier is within 1 week from the event, excluding our premium events, we will accept non-publishing decklists. Please write on your submitting decklist, Non-publish.

*Attending our events will automatically be seen agreed to these terms of our decklist policy.

*We will not answer any questions regarding non-publishing decklists.

If your decklist is already published though you would like to have it non-published, we accept these requests only from the player who submitted the decklist.
Please fill in the following and send an e-mail to

・URL of the decklist
・E-mail Address

4.Decklist Providers

We have decklists submitted by the following providers.

  • Wizards様
  • Wizards日本語版様
  • ホビーステーション秋葉原3rd店様
  • Ancient Memory Convention様
  • bazaar of moxen様
  • 五竜杯実行委員会様
  • Garden City Convention様
  • Known Magician’s Clan様
  • LMC Promoters様
  • Magicians’ Place様
  • StarCityGames様
  • TCGplayer.com様
  • CARD SHOP 蒼猫亭様
  • 一刻館秋葉原店様
  • 野武士杯様
  • ホビーステーション横浜店様
  • 新潟M:tG競技会様
  • カードショップ チャレンジャー様
  • 仙台PE様

We are always welcome to event organizers that may provide decklists.
If you would like to submit decklists, please contact us through this e-mail address

How to use the Article

14.How To Use

At Hareruya, we have popular and talented writers who write Magic articles very often.

We have these kinds of articles

1. Column

Tactical articles, unique articles, story articles etc.

Our writers are full of very talented writers to writers who have experience writing articles for the official Magic website!

2. Coverage

We have coverage of large tournaments that run at the Hareruya Tournament Center.

You can read the articles as you are at the site watching the game going on in front of you. We got deck techs as well!

3. Hareruya Pros Blog

You can only read the blogs of the members of the Hareruya Pros which is a team sponsored by Hareruya here.

We have Grand Prix reports, Pro Tour reports, and tactical deck techs written by the Hareruya Pros across the world!

4. Video

Lots of fun contents and news are brought to you from famous players. We also have some video coverage from tournaments at the Hareruya Tournament Center and some archives from our NikoDou.

15.If you find any mistakes in our article

If you find any mistakes or need to be fixed information on Hareruya articles, please send the following information:

1. Name (Can be No Name)

2. Phone Number(if you do not want to write, it is no problem.)

3. Please state what is wrong or needs to be fixed precisely.

With the information above, please send an email to

16.Articles to be translated or shared

If you will be sharing or translating the article on the Hareruya website, please send:

1. Your name

2. Your phone number

3. Which article you want to share or translate URL

Please send an email with the written information to

We will deny the following:

・If any of our articles will be a target to lose trust or is to harm any activities run by Hareruya.

・If the linked page has Hareruya content as a part of their website. (frame link, etc.)

・When a part of an article, image, picture, advertisement, or any other content on our page has been removed.

・When Hareruya contents are used to earn money in way Hareruya does not intend.

・A part of an article shown that may become miss interpreted by others.

・When it is used so Hareruya is recommending any item or service.

・When Hareruya decides that it is not appropriate.

17.Column, coverage writer wanted

Hareruya is always looking for column and coverage article writers!

If you have any interest:

1. Your Name

2. Your Phone Number

3. Simple self-introduction

With the information above, please send an email to